New Europe Orchestra is a studio orchestra founded in Europe on the eve of the Millennium by the musicians Edgar Elliott Bruce and Antonio Milosh Bragadin.

New Europe Orchestra created a new style named Ambiental Pop, introduced on their first album, “Dancing in the Square”, where the music includes classic elements, as well as those of blues, rock, ethno and country, as well as many original elements free of stylistic influences and references. Developed by Bruce and Bragadin into a recognisable musical style with a characteristic signature sound, this imaginative fusion caters for a wide profile of audiences and every music lover can find something genuinely enjoyable in it.

Bruce and Bragadin started the New Europe Orchestra because they believe in the magic of music. As you open the website, you’ll find yourself under its spell. It is then up to you to make it last!

New Europe Orchestra has so far published 3 CDs:

Dancing in the Square
Bachelor Deathwish (film soundtrack)

Have a great time with the New Europe Orchestra and best wishes from

Bruce & Bragadin

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